The famous docks have for over a century brought people from around the globe to Cardiff. The large West Indian and Somali communities that emerged in the city were a result of Cardiff's success as a world port and City Church began to see growing numbers of initially Carribbean Christians attending.

Now more than 40 nationalities are represented amongst the people who worship week by week at City Church, making it one of the most international places in all of Wales.

This gathering of nations brings amazing colour and diversity to the church which is reflected in vibrant and dynamic worship and in a concern for reaching out to the nations in practical and creative ways.

As well as the collective power and witness of nations gathering together in worship, we also have specific international groups such as our Berhan Fellowship. 


Berhan Fellowship
for Eritreans and Ethiopians

In recent years a large number of Eritreans and Ethiopians have come to Cardiff, most of whom are escaping persecution.  To meet their needs and to encourage the many Pentecostal Christians amongst them, we launched an Eritrean Fellowship. These wonderful people have become a cherished part of the City Church. Their dedication to Christ, despite often harsh suffering in Eritrea, is an inspiration to us all.

The Fellowship started in October 2006 and over that time has been led by mature Eritrean and Ethiopian Christians. They meet weekly on Saturday afternoons for fellowship, Christian care, Bible teaching and worship in their own language. They also meet during the week for prayer and fellowship. They are regularly ministered to by gifted Eritrean and Ethiopian leaders from other parts of the UK.